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Lightweight and versatile yet strong and roomy, our yurts are a great structural alternative to cabins or other traditional dwellings – at a fraction of the cost. Whether for a weekend getaway at the lake, a playhouse for the kids, a temporary shelter during primary home construction, or even a primary residence itself, Yurts of America gives you the product and the options to make your yurt fit your specific needs.

Yurts are perfect for those interested in low-impact three or four season structures, and offer a unique living experience. “There just something appealing about living in the round,” is something we’re always told. And with the possible addition of fireplaces, bathrooms, kitchens, even lofts, your yurt will complement your personality and lifestyle.

Price. Customization. Ease of setup (days not weeks). Unique appeal. Yurts of America is your answer to affordable yet comfortable “green” living.


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My white yurt with purple trim is the perfect rental property and has the benefit of low-impact living.

Bill S.
Santa Fe, NM

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What are yurts used for?

We have sold yurts for all types of uses: bed & breakfasts, permanent homes, temporary homes while building permanent homes, lake homes, rentals at campgrounds, workshops and of course campground cabins.

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