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Our yurts more than pay for themselves soon after they’re constructed. The capital cost of a Yurt is typically fifty percent of a traditional cabin and can yield positive cash flow in the first year.

From hot-tubbing at a bed and breakfast to more primitive camping at a seasonal campground, Yurts of America offers many options to customize our yurts for your property’s specific needs.

Plus, construction of a yurt is much quicker and simpler than that of traditional cabin systems. And with less materials needed, yurts can be set up in relatively remote areas.

So, whether it’s Grandma and Grandpa and their extended family at an RV park, vacationers trying to get away from it all, or kids at summer camp, there’s something about a yurt’s round structure that keeps bringing them back.


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My white yurt with purple trim is the perfect rental property and has the benefit of low-impact living.

Bill S.
Santa Fe, NM

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What are yurts used for?

We have sold yurts for all types of uses: bed & breakfasts, permanent homes, temporary homes while building permanent homes, lake homes, rentals at campgrounds, workshops and of course campground cabins.

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