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How a Yurt Works

There are several differences and structural advantages to yurts
manufactured by Yurts of America:

  • Tall walls are standard (approximately 7’) in all YoA yurts.
  • Our rafters are inserted with heavy-duty steel pegs to provide a much stronger joint with the roof ring for a tighter, more stable fit.
  • All visible surfaces are fine-cut and bull-nosed, and all roof-rings are rounded on the inside for a more aesthetic finish.
  • Lattice walls are made with furniture grade finish cut poplar (99% knot-free) and rounded on all surfaces. Before milling, the wood is 11⁄2” x 3⁄4” which makes the wall 11⁄2” x 11⁄2” at rivet point. Thicker walls mean longer life and heavier stress load.
  • Sleeved aluminum wall rivets are used (with no holes on interior side) for a cleaner, more professional interior look.
  • The YoA base yurt’s standard cover is an 19 oz heavy duty, tri-layer, re-inforced fabric. It’s UV, fire, and mildew resistant with a 10-year warrantee, and meets or exceeds California fire codes.
    Note: This is industrial fabric not awning grade.
  • YoA yurts are constructed with a full sub doorframe and come with a 3⁄4 glass door standard. A keyed deadbolt and doorknob are also standard.

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My white yurt with purple trim is the perfect rental property and has the benefit of low-impact living.

Bill S.
Santa Fe, NM

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What are yurts used for?

We have sold yurts for all types of uses: bed & breakfasts, permanent homes, temporary homes while building permanent homes, lake homes, rentals at campgrounds, workshops and of course campground cabins.

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