When it comes to affordable housing, don't be square!

Whether you need safe and reliable camp structures for kids or families, or a remote dwelling on your own property, yurts are the quick and easy answer for just about every shelter need. And, with our certified engineering, quality craftsmanship, and durable materials guaranteed, Yurts of America offers the best and most economical year-round yurt on the market today. Let us show you how our yurt can work for you, your property, and/or your organization. Remember, if you’re not in a yurt, you must be square!


Resorts & Campgrounds

Our yurts more than pay for themselves soon after they’re constructed. More…

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Individual Lifestyles

Lightweight and versatile yet strong and roomy, our yurts are a great structural alternative. More…

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Our 30’ Yurt is the craft centre of our campground. The kids and staff love it.


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What is a yurt?

A yurt (or ger) is a portable living structure originally developed by the nomadic groups of the Central Asian steppes. Original yurts....

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